How would you advocate for our library?


As part of a recent assignment for one of my Library Science classes, Ms. Wilmoth (me!) had to complete a project about advocacy for young adult literature.  (See even teachers have homework just like you!)  I chose to create an iMovie to showcase the genres of books we have read about over our class.  I highlighted books that my classmates had read and mentioned, and even did a book talk about one of the books I had read.  What I want to know is….What do you think would be the best way for us to advocate books in our library?  Is it student made book trailers?  Posters?  Flyers?  Book talks?  I want to know your opinion!  What’s the best way for us to advertise the hundreds of fascinating books that are housed in our library?  I want to know how you would show off all the books we have!  I want your help to create ways to advertise your favorite book, series, or genre within our library.  I want everyone to talk about the awesome books you can check out!  If you, or a group of friends work to create one of them, it may be focused in the library and on our website to get others interested in what you created!   Below is my example of what you could create to show off the books in our library!


I can’t wait to see what you come up with to showcase your favorite books!


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